What to Know When Buying an Mandrel Bending


The following resources should help answer common questions and other things to think about when buying what you need.
We supplies complete mandrel bent, intake pipes performance exhaust systems for performance vehicles ranging since 2012 to the present day.

We do OEM services and offer both gas and diesel truck systems for the most popular Pick-Up Trucks! Our systems and accessories are fabricated metal that will provide their owners with long term service and satisfaction! The materials we use as below:
Stainless steel            Aluminized steel               Aluminum
Glavanized steel        Carbon steel                      Titanium
Mandrel bending with pipe diameter covers from 1 to 5 inches and will extent to 10 inches. Pipe bending of diameters as below
1/2 inch           1-1/2 inch            2-1/4 inch              3 inch              4-1/2 inch
1 inch              1-3/4 inch            2-1/2 inch              3-1/2 inch              5 inch
1-1/4 inch             2 inch            2-3/4 inch              4 inch               customized specs available

Auto performance intake parts: Aluminum intake system that’s made in Aluminum 6061, with various surface finishing available:
powder coating           painting           anodizing         polishing         brushing
We can make varieties of exhausts parts for your vehicle.