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Our Approach

PINO METAL suplies complete mandrel bends, performance exhaust system for performance vehicles ranging since 2012 to the present day. We do OEM services for both gas and diesel truck systems!

Auto performance exhaust parts: Manufactueres truck and car exhaust systems in material Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminized steel, with diameter covers from 1 to 6 inches and will extent to 10 inches.

Auto performance intake parts: Aluminum intake system that’s made in Alu 6061, with various surface finishing available, powder coating, painting, anodizing, polishing and brushing.

Our Story

The story of Brian Chen and Pino Metal is a classic self-made success story. Brian started fresh out of a university as a tooling engineer and technical advisor for other tooling manufacturers, pipe bending factories,  and various other Chinese fabricators. He worked in this field for several years solving the hard to solve problems other factories could not solve on their own. During this time, he quickly learned which factories utilized the best processes, what factory owners did right, and also what they did wrong.

In 2012 Brian decided to take the plunge by investing into one pipe bending machine and a small shop in which he could operate. Being a highly-skilled and efficient pipe bender, it didn’t take long for him to capture the attention of one of Detroit’s large diesel truck manufacturers who entrusted him to manufacture their exhaust pipes. Over the next few yearshe caught the attention of other larger exhaust system and header manufacturers, and Pino Metal quickly grew into one of China’s highest quality pipe bending factories focusing primarily on high-performance car intake and downpipes, car headers and exhaust systems, and stainless steel semi-truck pipes.

Next Steps…

PINO METAL aimed to be the most professional mandrel bending factory in China, we continually to invest pipe bending machines and tooling, covers all the standard diameters and bend radius… …

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