Ningbo Pino Metal Products Co.,Ltd --- --- We focus on mandrel bending services !!!

CNC pipe bending machines for pipe diameter from 1/4 ~ 6 inches, bend radius min 1.0 D, various material available

Steel mandrel bends
Black steel, Semi bright steel, Aluminized steel, Galvanized steel

Mandrel bends made in carbon steel, Q235, Q195, wall thickness 1.5mm, various bend radius. Check below for further details. Semi bright steel pipes, specially for Australia and New Zealand.  Rust proof oil protected, pack in wood crate or carton boxes.

Steel mandrel bends

Car exhaust steel mandrel bends kit

Galvanized steel bends

Aluminized steel bends

Stainless steel mandrel bends

Varieties of stainless steel pipes, SS201, SS304, SS409, SS321, SS316L.

Stainless steel bends polished / brushed

Stainless steel bends swaged ends

Stainless steel bends raw

Aluminum mandrel bends

The Aluminum tubes are applied to a lot areas.  We supply Aluminum bends with diameter up to 5 inches.

Aluminum bends with standard leg (Raw, polished, brushed)

Aluminum bends with 300mm length beaded & polished

Aluminum bends with 600mm length beaded & polished

Aluminum intercooler pipe kits

Titanium mandrel bends

Supply Titanium mandrel bends with diameter up to 4 inches.  Wall thickness 1.2mm, bend radius 1.5D

Titanium bends brushed

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