Ningbo Pino Metal Products Co.,Ltd --- --- We focus on mandrel bending services !!!

Some people are born to shape the future and we take that seriously. We complete your products! One of our speciality is completing the customers product by producing all the components and assembling the final product ready for the market. Mandrel bends, exhaust pipes, intake and intercooler pipes, exhaust accessories. A team of engineers and a service department make sure the process stay on track to a complete mould or product is ready to pass quality control, packing and send out to customers. We work for you to have success.

Mandrel bends

Supply mandrel bends with diameter 1/4 inch to 7 inches. Material can be Carbon steel, Aluminized steel, Stainless steel, Titanium.

Truck exhaust pipes

Supply truck exhaust pipes, material in Aluminized steel, SS409, SS304.

Mild steel with powder coated.

Car exhaust pipes

Customized car exhaust products, make in carbon steel, stainless steel.

We supply high quality OEM services as per customer’s design.

Intake pipe and intercooler pipes

Customized intake pipes and intercooler pipes, made in Aluminum.

We supply high quality Aluminum pipe bending and welding services.

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